Bio - "Power, charisma and raw emotion."

I'm not rebellious. I just believe in 'impossible.'

Perhaps I'm a product of my small town, American upbringing. Being a successful musician seems normal when you grow up in a family of musicians. I thought music literally ran through my veins as a child riding in the backseat of my parents' Buick. It was more than just the bass of the radio reverberating through my back. It was my future.

But 'impossible' is defined by the world as "you don't fit the mold." If you don't fit, you are considered an "underdog" meaning that your chances of success are slim.

Underdog was one of my favorite cartoons as a kid. It was about a quiet, gentle dog who transformed into a confident superhero when someone needed help. He didn't fit the mold of 'superhero' until he was out there doing it and it could no longer be denied.

We are all underdogs.  I am a single, divorced mom, a law school dropout, overweight and over age twenty. But I am a musician and will reach for the highest levels until it can not be denied. Together with my tribe, the Berracah Battalion, we will redefine 'impossible.'

Location: Nashville, TN

Genre: Primarily Country-Rock


"We need to redefine 'impossible.'"