Letters From Bobbi ( a twice a month email)

Making a living as a musician is NEVER a 'one man show.' It takes an army of support! That is why I affectionally call my supporters 'The Berracah Battalion!" We stand beside eachother and fight for not only our dreams, but for some of the causes we believe in (autism awareness, suicide prevention, bullying prevention and music education). Because the people in this group are my 'nearest and dearest,' my comrades in this battle called life, I write a letter to them a couple of times a month, telling them about how things are on the 'front lines' here in Nashville. I share the ups and downs of the journey and sometimes I am blessed and they write back and share parts of their own journey (not required but always loved!).  And to thank my friends from all over the world for being the best morale boost, I make sure that I always: 1. share good news with them first,  2. offer discounts or pre-buy options for merch and shows, 3. bonus entries in contests, 4. a specialized video birthday greeting when requested, and 5. anything I can think of to show my appreciation! :) Please provide your email (on the Contact page) to become a part of The Berracah Battalion today! I can't wait to march alongside of you.